Virtual Day

Sapulpa Public Schools will hold a Virtual Day on Wednesday, Oct. 21 in which students will participate in school work from home.

During the Sapulpa Board of Education meeting on Oct. 12, the Board modified and approved the color code system we use to determine our health and safety protocols. The updated system allows for more flexibility to make decisions after reviewing the current active case numbers in the county and in the school district. If the case level exceeds 24.99 cases and the county moves into Orange 2, we will not automatically transition to Distance Learning. We will consult with the Creek County Health Department, as we have done continually this school year, to determine our next steps. Those next steps may be communicated with little notice as we have done previously in reference to school closures for snow days.

The Virtual Day is important because it will allow us to test our technological infrastructure as well as our procedures in the event we must declare a Distance Learning scenario in which all of our students are completing course work remotely. The Virtual Day gives us the opportunity to review and analyze data and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth transition in the future due to the current health climate or because of inclement weather.

We understand this is not a perfect solution for everyone, however, it is our intention to put our students in the best position to succeed regardless of the instructional environment. We also understand the Virtual Day may cause a hardship for some parents. If you are unable to keep your student at home, please contact your student’s principal. However, we do encourage everyone to try their best to keep students at home.

By practicing this scenario, we feel that we and our students will be better prepared to make the transition to Distance Learning. Thank you for your feedback, understanding, and support.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Virtual Day:

Will attendance be taken?
Attendance will be determined based on Policy 540.2 Section C. Students are expected to attend virtually and participate by completing and submitting assignments as determined by their teachers.

What if my student doesn’t have his/her school-issued device?
[email protected] and Seesaw are web-based applications that can be accessed on any computer/device with your student’s login information.

We don’t have access to the internet. How will my student participate?
Paper copies of assignments will be given to students upon request. Your student needs to tell his/her teacher on Monday or Tuesday they need a paper copy of the work. For future reference, you may submit an application for a mobile hotspot. Please keep in mind the application will not be processed in time for the Virtual Day.

Who does my student contact if he/she needs help with an assignment?
Your student will need to contact his/her teacher. Teachers should provide contact information prior to the Virtual Day.

Are the teachers working from home or at school?
Teachers will report to their classrooms and will be available for students during normal school hours.

My student relies on the free meals program. Will meals be provided?
A breakfast and lunch meal will be given to each student requesting one at the end of the school day on Tuesday to take home. Total Virtual students who have been picking up meals at the elementary schools will be given two bags on Tuesday. No Grab and Go meals will be provided on Wednesday.

Why is the Virtual Day being held in the middle of the week?
Doing this test run on Wednesday allows the district and site administration to analyze and review the data on Thursday and Friday and immediately begin making adjustments to the district’s plan if necessary.

Will I be able to provide feedback about how the Virtual Day went for my student?
Yes. We will email a form in the days following the Virtual Day.

What does this mean for extra-curricular activities such as athletics?
These activities will be in-person. Students should check with sponsors and/or coaches for more details.

My student rides the bus to Central Tech. How will he/she get to Central Tech on Wednesday?
The Central Tech buses will run as normal.

My student is enrolled as a full-time virtual student. Does he/she need to do anything differently?
There is no difference for our Virtual students unless otherwise stated by his/her teachers or the Virtual coordinators. This practice day is for students who are enrolled for in-person instruction.

My student receives Special Education services. Does he/she stay home or come to school?
Attendance is based upon the contingency plan within the IEP that was presented to parents at the beginning of the school year. If you have questions, please contact your student’s teacher.

I cannot stay home that day to be with my student. What do I do?
Please contact your student’s principal on Monday.

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