Sapulpa students vote on Election Day

Sapulpa students vote on Election Day
Posted on 11/03/2020
Students cast their ballots on Election Day at Liberty Elementary(SPS) -- It wasn’t just the adults who cast ballots on Election Day.

Students across the Sapulpa Public Schools district took part in mock elections and let their voices be heard.

At Freedom Elementary, students created their own identification card to show the student poll workers when they arrived at the precinct. After they proved who they were and signed the registry the students went inside the polling place to vote. Once inside, the students colored in the box next to either Donald Trump or Joe Biden before casting their ballot in the box.

At Holmes Park Elementary, 5th-grader Skylar Grisham took on the role of a poll worker. Sitting outside Mrs. Shatswell’s room with his American flag, Skylar looked up the name of each student in a notebook, had them sign their name, and allowed them entry into the room to vote.

Today is a day that Skylar said he’s been looking forward to.

“It’s an exciting day,” he said. “We’ll see who’s gonna win. It’s like seeing if you’re gonna beat a video game or not.”

Once inside the polling place, the students are handed a ballot that includes the names Joe Biden, Howie Hawkins, Jo Jorgensen, and Donald Trump. There’s even a line to allow them to write in a name.

Not far away at Liberty Elementary, Ms. McCallum’s class heard about the voting process and what is happening at polling places across the state.

“After you sign your name, they hand you your ballot and you go to the polling booth and you color in the box next to the name of the person you want and that’s what you’re going to do today,” said music teacher Kay Honeywell just before the 2nd graders were allowed inside the library, the makeshift polling place.

The Liberty ballot featured pictures of presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump with a box next to each.

Over at Sapulpa Middle School, students followed the lead of many voters today. They voted during their lunch break. Just outside the Commons, students received their ballots and made their decision on who they believed should be the next President of the United States.

So how did they vote?

216 - Donald Trump
81 - Joe Biden

188 - Donald Trump
108 - Joe Biden
23 - Principal Roger Johnson
19 - Mickey Mouse
16 - Joe Jorgensen
15 - Batman
13 - Howie Hawkins

108 - Donald Trump
36 - Joe Biden

154 - Donald Trump
84 - Joe Biden
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