Sapulpa High School starts daily podcast

High School producing daily news podcast
Posted on 09/20/2019
Chieftain Podcast class(SPS) - “People need to be able to try different things.”

For Sapulpa High School junior Miklos Yusim and his four 5th hour classmates, that’s exactly what they’re doing this year.

They’re enrolled in the new Chieftain Podcast class taught by Ray Markley.

“It’s amazing,” said Miklos.

The students are learning the basics of podcasting and producing a daily podcast of what’s going at the high school.

“We gather the news during the day, write the scripts during the day, then they put the podcast together,” said Mr. Markley.

Each of the five students is assigned a day in which they are responsible for producing the podcast. On this particular day, sophomore Brianna Fernandez is working on the episode that will publish on Friday, Sept. 20th.

“Every Thursday I’ll write my script. Mr. Markley will go over it with me, make sure everything’s okay and then Thursday night I record it, send it to him and then he uploads it Thursday night for Friday morning,” said Bri.

Most of the students are new to producing media, but it’s something Miklos said he has experience doing. He mainly works with photos and video that he posts to YouTube. Because of the Chieftain Podcast class, he’s discovered how he can make his content even better.

“I never noticed how much audio has to do with a lot in technology when making media and content,” Miklos said. “Being here it kinda taught me, like hey, I gotta lot of blank space and a lot of empty noise in my videos. Start filling it up.”

And filling it up is exactly what they’re doing. Five weeks into the school year, they’ve produced 21 episodes. And from the sound of it, the students and teacher are enjoying what they’re doing.

“It’s a lotta fun. Great group. Appreciate you guys,” said Mr. Markley as the class was winding down for the day.

To hear the daily Chieftain Podcast, you can pull it up on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, and you can find it posted on the Sapulpa High School Facebook page.

Listen to the podcast Bri produced below:

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