Task Force created for Distance Learning

District creates task force for Distance Learning contingency
Posted on 06/11/2020
One group of the Distance Learning Contingency Task Force (SPS) -- What will happen in the fall if there is a shutdown of schools like we had in the spring?

You hear a variation of that question a lot if you’re a parent, an educator, a student, anyone really. And, there isn’t a cut and dry answer. Not yet anyway.

Much like it has been since COVID-19 entered our lives and changed the way we went about our days, it seems like everyone is constantly wondering about the “what if” and “what will happen” questions.

One thing we do know is that if there is any kind of shutdown and we’re forced back into Distance Learning, the Sapulpa Public Schools model will look and feel different than it did before.

The school district has created a Distance Learning Contingency Task Force that is broken up into four different groups; Pre-K through 2nd grade, 3rd through 5th grade, Middle School, and 8th through 12th grades. The groups met for the first time on Thursday with a clear goal in mind.

“This [task force] is to take the Distance Learning model that we had from before and to improve it, make it what it really needs to be so that new learning can be achieved, and be accomplished,” said Donia Doudican, Director of Instructional Design.

Today’s meetings of the task force groups focused on determining each group’s leadership as well as to introduce discussion items. Many of the discussion items were based on feedback the district received from parents, students, and teachers regarding Distance Learning that concluded on May 15.

It was the first of many meetings the groups - made up mostly of teachers and school administrators - will have over the next month in an effort to create a framework that will lead to a seamless transition to support authentic learning remotely if that time comes.

“This group is to determine how we take 100 percent distance learning and make it what it needs to be so that it works for the students, it works for the families, it works for the teachers.”

The task force plans to have a structure submitted for review by early July.
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