School Supply List

4-boxes 24 count crayons (prefer Crayola)
1-box Kleenex
1-box quart size Ziplock bags
8-glue sticks
1-ream colored copy paper (any color)
1-container disinfectant wipes
1-pkg wooden clothespins

1-bingo dauber
1-small blanket for rest time (no sleeping bags)
1-1-inch 3 ring binder with clear pocket
1-backpack large enough for binder
1-pkg white lunch sacks
2-dry erase markers
1-pkg velcro dots
1-roll paper towels
1-pkg baby wipes
1-pkg large safety pins
1-box colored pencils
2-Sharpie markers (any color)

PLEASE PUT CHILD'S NAME ON BACKPACK ONLY. All other supplies will be shared. 


1-1-inch 3 ring binder with clear pocket

4-boxes 24 count crayons (prefer Crayola)

40-yellow pencils (prefer USA Gold)

2-boxes Kleenex

1-Mead “Primary Journal”

20-glue sticks (prefer Elmer’s)

2-pink erasers

1-5” scissors (blunt tip)

1-box thick markers (classic colors, prefer Crayola)

1-box thin markers (classic colors, prefer Crayola)

1-pkg dry erase markers (prefer Expo)

1-watercolor set

1-pencil pouch

1-large backpack (no wheels)

1-small blanket/towel with storage bag (for rest time, no sleeping bags or mats)


1-pkg thin white paper plates

1-large pkg baby/wet wipes


1-box sandwich size Ziploc bags

1-large pkg disinfectant wipes

Send supplies in a plastic or paper bag with child’s name on the outside.

1st Grade
1-5" scissors (blunt tip)
1-bottle hand sanitizer
2-folders with brads (1red/1blue)
1-1-inch 3 ring binder with clear pocket
3-160 count boxes Kleenex
1-pkg 500 count 81/2 X 11 white art paper
1-black and white "Primary Journal"
1-pkg disinfectant wipes
1-box sandwich size Ziplock bags
1-pkg wide ruled paper
3-pkgs Magic Erasers (not white board erasers, without blue cleaner)
12-glue sticks
3-pkgs colored dry erase markers
6-16 count crayons
1-classic thick markers
1-pkg pencil top erasers
1-headphones for computers
1-supply box
1-backpack (no wheels

PLEASE PUT CHILD'S NAME ON BACKPACK ONLY. All other supplies will be shared. 

 2nd Grade 3-pkgs expo markers 1-small plastic school box (approx. 8”x5”) 2-160 count boxes Kleenex 4-boxes 24 count crayons (prefer Crayola) 48-#2 pre-sharpened pencils (prefer Ticonderoga) 1-large bottle hand sanitizer 8-glues sticks (prefer Elmer’s) 2-pkgs disinfectant wipes 1-1-inch 3 ring binder with clear pocket 1-5” scissors (sharp tip) 2-70 count wide ruled spiral 2-pkg wide ruled notebook paper 1-earbuds for computers 2-pkgs classic thick markers (10 count, prefer Crayola) 2-each red, yellow and blue folders with brads 1-set watercolors 1-canvas pencil pouch, 10x7 (fits binder) 1-backpack (no wheels) Boys 1-pkg colored card stock 1-box gallon Ziploc bags 2-pkgs highlighters Girls 1-pkg colored copy paper 1-box sandwich Ziploc bags 2-pkgs index cards Put child’s name on backpack only. Bring supplies in paper or plastic bag with name on the outside.

 3rd  Grade 1- pkg red pens 5-plastic pocket folders with brads (1 each red, blue, green, purple, yellow) 1-1 inch white 3 ring binder with clear pocket 4-glue sticks 2-160 count boxes Kleenex 1-10 count box skinny markers 60-#2 yellow pencils 3-pkgs pencil top erasers 1-plastic pencil box 2-pkgs highlighters 3-wide ruled spirals 3-boxes 24 count crayons 1-canvas pencil bags 10x7 (fits binder) 2-pink erasers 1-earphones for computers 1-500 count copy paper 3-pkgs colored pencils 1-pkg wide ruled notebook paper 2-pkgs thin black dry erase markers 2-pkgs colored dry erase markers 3-pkg disinfectant wipes 1-backpack (no wheels) Boys 1-pkg colored copy paper 1-pkg baby wipes Girls 1-pkg colored card stock
3-pkgs index cards (2 blank, 1 ruled)

 4th/5th Grade 1-canvas pencil bag 10x7 (fits binder) 2-200 count wide ruled notebook paper 1-earphones for computers 1-2 inch 3 ring binder with clear pocket 1-4 count highlighters (assorted colors) 6- wide ruled spirals (1 each-red, blue, purple, black, yellow ,green)
2-pkgs TWISTABLE colored pencils
1-5” scissors (sharp tip)
3-160 count Kleenex 72-#2 penils 1-bottle glue 1-backpck (no wheels) 1-pkg tab dividers with pockets 2-pkgs dry erase markers 4-glue sticks Boys 1-box quart Ziplock bags 1-large hand sanitizer Girls 1-box gallon Ziplock bags 1-pkg disinfectant wipes

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