Senior Seminar scheduled for Nov. 21

High School to hold Adulting 101 for senior students
Posted on 11/14/2019
Sapulpa High School(SPS) — Sapulpa High School seniors will have the opportunity to attend a seminar that is constructed to help them after they graduate.

Adulting 101 is a future-focused conference we've created in partnership with Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce and Central Tech that will feature speakers from various industries who will discuss career opportunities and life skills. It’s scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 21 at First Baptist Church.

Students will choose from a variety of breakout sessions including life skills, career and military representatives, and life coaches. A snapshot of the classes being offered include 401k/Retirement, Rental/Lease agreements, Interview skills, Resume building, and so much more.


There will be six sessions, three in the morning and three in the afternoon. Each will last 30 minutes and students will choose four classes while also attending a mandatory CPR class as well as spending one session networking with vendors from the community. The all-day conference is a first-of-its-kind for Sapulpa students.

“We strive to give our students the best opportunities for success in the classroom every day,” said high school principal Seth Shibley. “We also want to help set them up for success after they graduate. This conference will provide them guidance as they prepare for life once their high school careers come to an end.”

Sapulpa High School teachers will attend the off-site seminar, therefore, sophomores and juniors will not report to school that day. They will participate in a Virtual Day on Nov. 21 in which their assignments will be available on their school-issued Chromebook.



Does my senior have to attend Adulting 101?
Yes. The seminar will be treated like any other school day for seniors. If a senior is not in attendance, he will be counted absent.

What does my senior need to bring to the seminar?
The only thing we are requiring the seniors to bring is their student ID.

Does my senior go directly to First Baptist Church?
No. Seniors will report to the high school and go to their first-hour class. We will transport the students via school bus to and from the church.

What if my senior is late to school and misses the bus to the seminar?
Late students should report to the attendance office. We will transport tardy students to the church in a school van. It is important to arrive at school on time every day.

My senior rides the bus to school. Will the bus pick him up and drop him off at his stop as it typically does?
Yes. The bus will run its normal schedule.

My senior goes to Central Tech on Thursdays.
Your senior will be excused from class at Central Tech on this particular Thursday. We have discussed Adulting 101 with them and they are partnering with us at this seminar.

My senior attends classes at TCC on Thursdays.
Your senior will attend his TCC classes and then report to the attendance office to be shuttled to the church.

When will the seniors be brought back to the high school?
The buses will return during 7th hour giving seniors more than enough time to board their typical bus for the ride home.

Does my senior need to bring money for lunch?
No. Lunch will be provided for the students.

My senior is a full-time Virtual student. Can he attend the seminar?
Of course. This seminar is for all seniors.

How does the Virtual Day work for my sophomore and junior students?
Tenth and 11th grade students will be required to complete an attendance form by 12 p.m. They will receive the form in their student email account. Work will assigned for each of the students' seven classes in Oasis. These assignments must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 21. More information can be found in the VIRTUAL DAY GUIDE linked above.

My student relies on eating breakfast and lunch at school each day. Will meals be served at the high school on the day of the seminar?
Breakfast will be served at the high school on Nov. 21. Seniors will have lunch provided for them at the seminar.

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