Stability balls introduced at Bartlett Academy

Bartlett students having a ball in math class
Posted on 09/07/2018
Stability balls in Mrs. Freed's math class at Bartlett(SPS) - Take your seat has a different meaning when you walk into Megan Freed’s classroom at Bartlett Academy.

That’s because many of the seats in her classroom are a little less traditional than what you typically see.

“A few years ago I started looking into alternative seating for our classroom,” said Mrs. Freed.

She found it with stability balls and her students have really taken to them.

“They’re not your traditional sit-in-the-classroom kids, and we need different for our building and so that’s why I wanted something different so that was a big thing to me.”

The balls have feet that keep them in place and they retract to the ball based on the user's weight, allowing freedom to move, balance, and develop core strength.

“It helps them with being able to be active and sit but still be able to move. They can rock back and forth. They can bounce up and down. They can do whatever motion they want and still be seated and doing work.”

Students sit on stability balls in math class at Bartlett Academy

Mrs. Freed knew the stability balls would be an ideal fit for students in her math classes.

“Math is a struggle,” she said. “This allows them to have a positive experience in math versus just, ‘Hey, I need you to come in here and do this.’ Because it’s fun for them to come in here and wiggle.”

She purchased 22 stability balls for $583. But the money didn’t come out of her pocket or out of the school's budget. Mrs. Freed posted her need on on a Friday and by the next Friday, her submission was fully funded.

“Because we’re in a low-income area, Impact Tulsa actually matched our donations,” she said.

The balls were delivered to the school the following week and Mrs. Freed said she has already noticed a difference.

“It’s been nice. I think it’s really changed the dynamic of the classroom and it’s only been a week,” she said. “It seems to be helping with their attention and focus on the math and so I’m hoping that will translate to scores as well.”

Thank you to everyone, including Impact Tulsa, who donated money to fund Mrs. Freed's project. To see more projects our teachers have submitted, log on to Donors Choose and search 74066.

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