Liberty STEM raises money, rewards students

Liberty STEM raises money, rewards students
Posted on 09/28/2018
Kamron McCoy(SPS) - What a way to start a three-day weekend!

Five Liberty Elementary students got inside a money machine Thursday afternoon for their chance to grab as much cash as they could in 30 seconds.

It was their reward for selling the most boxes of candy bars for a school fundraiser.

Inside the money machine for each student was $50 - 45 one dollar bills and one $5 note.

They took turns and stepped inside the see-through chamber, the cash was dropped on the floor, the switch was flipped to turn on the air compressor and within seconds cash was flying around for their chance to snag.

First-grader Bentley Beyard was the first to enter the machine. After his time was up he walked away with $7.

Bentley Beyard of Liberty in money machine

Bentley Beyard of Liberty STEM counts his money

Sadie Braggs, 2nd grade, stepped inside and was able to secure 13 of the flying dollar bills.

Sadie Braggs of Liberty inside money machine

Sadie Braggs counts her money

Up next was 4th-grader Alyssa McCosar. She was the first to grab the elusive $5 bill. She earned $14.

Alyssa McCosar in the money machine

Alyssa McCosar counts her money

Fifth-grader Chelsey Eddleman took her turn next and ended up with $16.

Chelsey Eddleman in the money machine

Chelsey Eddleman counts her money

The last participant was 3rd-grader Kamron McCoy. He stuffed so many bills in his shirt while he was in the machine that it took him longer than the rest to find them and get them all out! He won $17.

Kamron McCoy in the money machine

Kamron McCoy counts his money

Liberty Elementary completed two fundraisers. One was selling cups and the other was the chocolate bars. Connor Ward, 5th grade, sold the most cups and earned $19 as his reward.

In total, the students raised $8,857 which will help them buy an ice cream machine as well as go towards purchasing playground equipment and help fund field trips.

Way to go Liberty Eagles!

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