Identification Process

These are the 10 steps Sapulpa Public Schools follows to identify students for the Gifted and Talented program.
  1. Nomination by parent, teacher, counselor, community member, peer, self, or test scores.

  2. Parent submits permission to test form, parent and teachers fill out checklist forms.

  3. Student is tested with the Cognitive Abilities Test (1st and/or 4th grade) or is given a different intelligence test by school psychologists.

  4. Test results are scored and analyzed.

  5. If a student scores in the 97th percentile or above on the composite scale (can include the standard error of measure), student is automatically submitted to the committee for acceptance in the SHARP program.

  6. If a student scores in the 90th to 96th percentile, observation forms and previous standardized test scores are analyzed to determine multi-criteria, or SAAP, qualification. SHARP qualification can occur with a high amount of other qualifications.

  7. The district Gifted and Talented Committee meets once several students have qualified to verify the student meets the state and district guidelines. Committee members sign approval or submit reasons why they do not approve of qualification.

  8. Parents are notified of the student's acceptance in the program or test results if they did not qualify. In some cases, retesting can occur if a student does not qualify.

  9. Parents return the permission to serve form.

  10. Students receive services stated in the district plan unless they do not provide permission to serve.

This process can take several months, so prompt attention to the returning of forms can assist in speeding up the process.
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